Based on just one scenario developed by the International Data Corporation, an organization employing 1,000 knowledge workers wastes more than $48,000 daily, or almost $12.5 million annually, when those workers cannot locate, retrieve, and correctly understand information.
Information Mapping International,  
The Cost of Bad Information (2012)  

Effective documentation is accurate, accessible, and timely. It provides only the information (content) that the target audience needs. that information has been verified, is easy to find and understand, and is delivered in a convenient format and when the audience needs it.

What are the warning signs that your documentation isn't hitting the mark? Your customers question whether they are your priority. Perhaps the content you are delivering is not easy to find or easy to understand; perhaps it is delivered in an inconvenient format. Your customers have begun to question your expertise or reliability; the content you are delivering may be inaccurate. Perhaps you have experienced high call volume in customer support, or your managers may have experienced an increase in questions regarding policies and procedures—lack of clarity is clearly costly.

Your staff is the knowledge base for information about your products, services, and mission. Let us provide the talent and expertise to ensure that your customers—internal and external—have access to that knowledge when and how they need it.

We'll seamlessly supplement the talent you have with writers, editors, graphic designers, and documentation project managers—working from our location and according to a schedule convenient for your organization—regardless of your time zone. Choose the right mix of expertise to meet your needs.

Our technical communicators can
► perform user needs analyses
► develop documentation development plans
► create corporate style guides and templates
► employ design thinking, information mapping, plain language, and other techniques
► supply technical writing and editing
► ensure grammatical correctness and conformance to corporate/industry style guides
► perform verification testing of content
► assess user interface design
► provide graphic design for annual reports, brochures, presentations, packaging
► ensure 508 compliance of .pdfs
► provide technical illustrations
► create video training modules