If you have already invested in a technological solution, is it cost effective to team with a documentation professional?
Accurate information that is well organized and presented clearly and consistently allows you to save time and money. It can speed the storage of that information and reduce distribution and maintenance problems in content management systems—boosting the return on your investment.

And, if you haven't invested in a technological solution, teaming with a documentation professional can translate to long-term savings.
We can help your organization identify types of information (content) that your staff has already created for reuse across internal communications (standard operating procedures, employee training modules, technical specifications, email) and external documentation (annual reports, user manuals, help systems, marketing brochures). We can also help you verify the accuracy of existing content and ensure that it conforms to corporate style and adheres to consistent a format. Then, we can develop a strategy that enables you to store, update, manage, and reuse verified content—using common tools your organization likely has "on hand."

The benefits of creating and maintaining verified content for effective documentation include
►increased customer satisfaction – users can easily find and understand the information they need to perform specific tasks.
►improved employee performance – staff can reuse text/graphics with confidence, eliminating the need to "reinvent the wheel" and reducing errors due to errors and inconsistency in documentation.
►quicker training time – learning curves are sharper when information is consistent, concise, and easy to understand.
►improved compliance – auditors and regulators can easily locate information they need and determine its conformance, reducing the number of requests for clarification.
►enhanced corporate image – effective documentation reflects your organization's commitment to quality, attention to detail, and concern for its customers.