. . . solve practical problems and fix things innovatively, with what is on hand.
Charles Townes,    
Bell Labs, Nobel prize recipient     

We understand that most organizations today are focused on operating costs, customer satisfaction, sales performance, audits, and compliance—as well as tight schedules and even tighter budgets. Chances are, you have considered technological solutions but have found them expensive and difficult to implement.

Research and real-world evidence show that effective documentation—from technical specifications and standard operating procedures to marketing communications, training videos, and online help—is a key factor impacting those organizational concerns. Creating effective documentation, though, is likely not your organization's area of expertise, nor is it seamlessly addressed by software such as content management systems.

But, it is our specialty. Let our technical communication consultants help you improve internal and external communications—and explore practical ways to reuse documented information that you already have—without having to invest in costly technology.

Our experts can
► perform user needs analyses
► assess your existing documentation (content, design, and delivery)
► develop a corporate content standard
► devise a content management strategy
► create corporate style guidelines
► train your staff to improve their own writing